To guide an assist our youth in their pursuit of personal growth and the meaning of sportsmanship through athletic excellence that will improve the lives of all that are involved
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Majors Information

Majors Division (age 11-12)

Players in the Majors Division of the RASA softball program are one step from involvement in the advanced Intercommunity play and therefore this Division may have a bit more serious nature, but remains a part of the "COMMUNITY LEAGUE" and "fun" is still a priority.

The players involved at this level of the program have improved their skill-base, especially if they have been a RASA player during prior years. There will be some 'first-timers' at all levels within the RASA program and this level of play is no exception. Any new participant can expect to enjoy the game, have fun, and be given the opportunity to learn.

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Majors Skills and Knowledge

RASA Majors Skills and Knowledge

Note: At the major’s level, competition becomes more evident. Along with this competition, sportsmanship, respect for rules, respect for umpires, respect for opponents and self respect continue to be enhanced. Players are encouraged to do their best, listen to instruction and learn how to correct mistakes in a supportive environment. The continuation of learning and further developing skills and knowledge is very important.


  • Players will continue to develop throwing and catching skills. Accuracy over a longer distance is to be expected.
  • Players will continue to develop hitting and bunting skills.
  • Hitter and base runner will learn to look to third base coach for signals.
  • Runners will continue to develop skills in listening to base coaches.
  • Fielders will learn how to properly make tag outs.
  • Catchers will learn how to throw to bases because stealing is now allowed.
  • Players will continue to gain more in-depth understanding of cutoffs and relays.
  • Players will learn how to take a lead off of third base. The lead is taken in foul territory. The return to third is done after stepping into fair territory.
  • Players will become more proficient in sliding. Sliding is required at this level when there is a play at a base. This is a mastery level for this skill. Coaches are encouraged to make this part of their practice routine by finding safe ways to help girls develop confidence in sliding.
  • For example, this can be done on grass or on a blanket with proper protective gear.


  • Players will learn to run to first on dropped third strikes.
  • Players will learn that every time the ball is hit, every fielder has a place to go. This includes fielding, cutoffs and backing up bases.
  • Players will learn to be more focused to the situations within the game.
  • This includes a higher level of awareness of when to run and when to tag up.
  • Players will learn to run in the base lines.
  • Players will continue to learn the importance of competition, sportsmanship, respect for rules, respect for umpires, respect for opponents, respect for teammates and self respect. Learning how to deal with setbacks and mistakes in a positive and supportive environment is an emphasis at this level.

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