To guide an assist our youth in their pursuit of personal growth and the meaning of sportsmanship through athletic excellence that will improve the lives of all that are involved
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I have a returning child - is their information already in the system?
Yes, if you had a child registered in a past either Spring or Fall Ball, most, (if not all) of your registration information will already be uploaded to the website. After you click the "Register" button for the program you wish to register for, you will be prompted to enter the email address used for all communication with RASA (if you provided multiple email addresses to RASA, any of them will work), along with your password.

If you forgot or never had a password, type in just your email address and within a few minutes you will receive an email at that address with a temporary password. Once you login you can change the password to whatever you like.
Should I check that the information from last year is correct?
Yes, once your existing account comes up, please take a minute to verify the information for each of the parents and children shown in your account. Please also consider adding any new information that we did not have in the past (e.g. cell phone or alternate email addresses).
How do I add a new child to my account?
Once your existing account comes up, select the "Add Child" link below the current members of your account.
Why is the "Register" button grayed out next to my child’s name?
If your child is not eligible for the currently selected registration program, the button next to their name will indicate "Ineligible" and be grayed out. To register for a different program, click on the "Register Online" link on the left side of the page and then choose a different registration program.
What if I have multiple children to register – do I start all over?
After you register your first child, the site takes you to the "check-out" page. However you do not have to pay at this point. At the bottom of the page is a "Click here to return to the Registration home page" link. If you have more children to register, you should choose this.
My daughter will be turning 5 after the Dec 31 deadline - can she play this season?
To ensure consistency and to be fair to all registrants, for players age 5 through 11, no exceptions will be made to the Dec 31st age cut off.
Why is RASA requiring me to purchase $50 of raffle tickets up front?
The main RASA fundraiser will be raffle tickets. When you meet your coaches in the spring, each girl will be given ten raffle tickets. You will sell these tickets (10 tickets @ $5/ticket) and KEEP THE MONEY. You will return the stubs with the purchaser's name on them to your team parent for the drawing of prizes totaling $2500! (Expected First Prize to be $1000!!)
Can I "opt out" of purchasing these raffle tickets?
No - purchasing these raffle tickets will be a requirement of registration. This will ensure full participation of everyone in RASA. Assuming you are to sell a $5 ticket to 10 people, there will be be no cost to you in the end, as you will get back the $50 you paid during registration. We are hoping this will ease the burden on both you and RASA.