To guide an assist our youth in their pursuit of personal growth and the meaning of sportsmanship through athletic excellence that will improve the lives of all that are involved
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Executive Board Members


  • Preside at all monthly meeting and special meetings of the Association.
  • Enforce the Constitution and its By-Laws.
  • Call Executive Council meetings.
  • Direct the calling of the next Association meeting.
  • Call special Association meetings when he/she considers them of vital interest to the Association.
  • Control the business of the Association during his/her term of office.
  • Make full report of league matters brought to his/her attention.
  • Maintain a working relationship with Richland Township Board of Directors, Bucks County Parks and Recreation, and the Quakertown School District.
  • Ensure the annual 501(c) (3) certification is filed by May 24 of each year.
  • Appoint any committees deemed necessary in the event that the by-laws do not cover a specific situation which arises.

He/she is not authorized to sign checks regarding a committee, for the Association when and if he/she accepts the chairmanship of a committee making or spending Association funds.
Current President - Bill Coblenz



  • Preside at all meetings and conduct all Association business in the absence of the President.
  • Conduct all business as the President may direct.
  • Be active and knowledgeable of activities of all committees.
  • Review situations and/or events that arise throughout the year that may be impacted by the guidelines of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Richland Area Softball Association.
  • In the event of the resignation or removal of the President, the Vice-President will succeed to the President’s position.

Vice President - Matt Caputo



  • Take minutes at all meetings.
  • Keep records for all Board, Association and special meetings.
  • Act as correspondent for the Association.
  • Keep the official roll call of the Association and notify all members of the meetings.
  • Process updates/revisions of the Constitution and By-Laws and other R.A.S.A. documents.
  • Carry out other such duties incidental to this office.
  • Present minutes from preceding meetings for review and Board approval.
  • Provide minutes, from the previous meeting, to each Board member prior to the next Association meeting.

Current Secretary - Stacie Calder



  • Keep all funds in proper bank accounts.
  • Keep financial records for said accounts.
  • Give and take receipt for all monetary transactions as directed by the Board of Directors.
  • Prepare a written financial report to be presented at each annual meeting.
  • Provide a report of financial position at monthly Association meetings.
  • Prepare and report on budgets for the upcoming year at the first Association meeting of the year.
  • Prepare and file the Annual 501 (c) (3) certification by May 24 of each year.
  • Sign checks for the Association and may not be the Chairperson of any committee making or spending funds for the Association.
  • Writing Checks:
    • The treasurer may write checks with his/her signature as the only signature in any amount up to $100.
    • Checks for amounts $100.01 up to $2500 require the signature of another officer from the Executive Council. This includes the President, Vice President or Secretary.
    • Checks for over $2500.01 must be approved by the Board of Directors and must also have two officer’s signatures.

Current Treasurer - Mary Jo Webb


Director of Coaching:

  • To unify the coaching program at both the Community and Sunday Select Levels.
  • To recruit Head Coaches.
  • To present all softball Head Coaches and Assistants to the Board of Directors for approval per the directive in Article VIII, Section 12.
  • To insure all coaches have police-checks, and/or certification before the first game of the season.
  • To act as liaison between player members, parents, coaches and the Board of Directors.
  • To develop a coaches handbook.
  • He/she is responsible for:
    • All training programs for youth and coaches.
    • Communicating all decisions relating to the cancellation of practices or games due to inclement weather and informing all Head Coaches of these decisions.
  • He/she is to perform the duties of the ASA Contact Liaison and upon resignation/termination of the ASA Contact Liaison shall assume this position.

Director of Coaching - 


Women's League Coordinator:

  • All activities of the Adult League.
  • Organizing all activities related to the league.
  • Delegating game and practice schedules.
  • Referring for election and Assistant Coordinator no later than the first meeting of the year.  He/she will assume the position of Adult League Coordinator in the absence or resignation thereof.
  • Act as liaison between players, members, and other league/teams.
  • Presenting the equipment needs of the adult teams as part of the Equipment Committee.

Current Adult Coodinator - Renee Cuce