To guide an assist our youth in their pursuit of personal growth and the meaning of sportsmanship through athletic excellence that will improve the lives of all that are involved
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Pitching Lessons


Donna Reiss
Pitching Instructor

Start Date: November 2022 to April 2023
Wednesday nights (6-8pm)
at Quakertown Elementary School (123 S 7th St, Quakertown) 

1 hr Pitching Lessons                                                                                    
Beginner - If you are a first-timer or just beginning to develop your skills, this is the class for you. As a beginner you will learn the basic fundamentals of pitching with focus on accuracy and building up speed. We will concentrate on the fastball and then move on to inside and outside pitches. 

Intermediate - If you have some pitching experience and feel comfortable and confident that you have mastered accuracy and speed with the fastball and are ready to learn new pitches. I will help pitchers develop proper technique and work on advancing to new pitches.

Advanced - If you are very comfortable and confident pitching and if you know how to properly throw different pitches, this class is for you. Participants must demonstrate an advanced level of skill and knowledge. We will focus on mastering the technique of different pitches                                                                                                                                                      

Because Its All About Results
Expect results. Prepare for success.
Softball instruction does not have to be full of dread, anger, frustration and tears. My students look forward to their instruction because they know we are going to have some fun and learn. No yelling, no screaming, no hollering, no demoralizing comments or humiliation. These negative instructional techniques are all too common in sports. But you won't find them here. I teach with patience, understanding and a little bit of humor to foster a fun, learning environment designed for girls and girl's fast pitch softball. My pitchers make slow, steady, consistent improvement in all aspects of their pitching; from speed, control and movement, all the way to personal growth and maturity. Most of my students are very long term because they see the positive improvements and they enjoy the process. From my 10-year olds up to my collegiate players, my students are extremely successful at all ages. It's a simple formula we use:
1.) Take personal interest in the success of each student
2.) Observe and listen to each student
3.) Teach what works for each individual - everybody is different
4.) Work hard, explain 'why' and encourage each student to explore and learn
5.) Don't be so serious that you forget to have some fun. Laugh a bit.